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The Steez reels and rods – which have already been developed 2009 by DAIWA as premium sub-brand for bass and finesse fishing – represent one of the top-class products you can buy for fishing sport worldwide. These products are not only perfectly suited for black bass but also for domestic target fish like perch, zander and co. Newly within this program you can find our Steez lure lineup selection and the premium Steez single hooks for fishing with different bass rigs. Every original Steez lure is made of best components and has its special field of application.



21 Steez Limited SV TW HLBaitcasting reel
Steez A II TWBaitcasting reel

Terminal Tackle

Steez Crank | 300F-DR 61mmCrankbait | floating | deep runner
Steez Crank | 400F-DR 70mmCrankbait | floating | deep runner
Steez Crank | 500F-DR 70mmCrankbait | floating | deep runner
Steez Pencil | 60FStickbait | floating | top water
Steez Prop | 85FPropbait | floating
Steez Prop | 85SPropbait | slow sinking
Steez Crank | 100F-SR 54mmMini crankbait | floating | shallow runner
Steez Crank | 200F-MR 54mmMini crankbait | floating | medium deep runner
Steez Popper | 60FPopper | floating | top water
Steez Minnow | 110SP-SRMinnowbait | suspending | shallow runner
Steez Minnow | 110SP-MRMinnowbait | suspending | medium deep runner
Steez Shad | 60SP-SRMinnowbait | suspending | shallow runner
Steez Shad | 60SP-MRMinnowbait | suspending | medium deep runner
Steez Shad | 60SP-DRMinnowbait | suspending | deep runner
HMKL Steez Custom | 137SPMinnowbait | suspending
Steez Double Clutch | 50SPMinnowbait | suspending
Steez Chiquita Frog | 38mmSoft lure | Ready to fish
Steez Stirring Shad | 85mmShad
Steez Stirring Shad | 110mmShad
Steez Stirring Shad | 130mmShad
Steez Hog | 56mmSoft lure
Steez Hog | 76mmSoft lure
Steez Stirring Shad | 53mmShad
Steez Stirring Shad | 71mmShad
Steez Spoon | 70mm
Steez Spoon | 81mm
Steez Worm HookFinesse single hook
Steez Worm HookOffset ring single hook
Steez Worm HookWacky single hook
Steez Worm HookWide offset single hook

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