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DAIWA History

The brand DAIWA is one of the biggest and best-known manufacturers for fishing tackle worldwide. With numerous, worldwide located distribution and development centers, DAIWA can look back upon an outstanding story of success during the last 60 years. Next to the DAIWA headquarter of the parent company GLOBERIDE Inc. in Tokyo with about 600 employees, DAIWA holds subcompanies in USA, Australia, China, Singapore, Thailand, Taiwan and Europe. Within Europe, DAIWA holds four subcompanies in Germany, France, Italy and the United Kingdom. These four divisions have their own, independent product development and sales departments, which care for the evolution of innovative products, which are adapted to the particular market, and the sales within the members states of the EU.

Since the foundation of DAIWA Japan as DAIWA Seiko Corporation in 1958, the company passed through some considerable transitions to perfectly adapt to changing market and fishing conditions.

The brand DAIWA has been incorporated into the holding GLOBERIDE Inc. in 2009. Within GLOBERIDE Inc. diffrent brands offer different sporting goods next to fishing tackle, e.g. for golf, tennis and cycling at the Japanese domestic market.

The GLOBERIDE Inc. holds own manufacturing hubs for the production of fishing reels and rods in Japan, China, Thailand and Vietnam as well as one rod factory in Scotland that exclusively manufacture DAIWA products.

Worldwide GLOBERIDE Inc. employs about 6000 people, who work hard and with much commitment, passion and knowhow to continue the story of success.

gh_headquarter_tokyo.jpgGLOBERIDE Headquarter in Tokyo

Evolution of the logo

During the past 50 years, DAIWA steadily adapted to the actual demands of the market and design trends – also the DAIWA logo developed continuously:

Starting from the first DAIWA logo – also called "Sunburst DAIWA" passing the established blue/red/white logo within the 1990s ending up with the actual, modern Vector DAIWA logo and D-Vec.

This logo stands for Japanese quality, precise technologies and innovations – a philosophy, which motivates the company DAIWA and its employees to do their best at their daily work. Our mission is to create pleasure and enthusiasm for the fishing sport and the available technologies – a delight which lasts over generations.

Innovation at reel design

Especially within reel design, DAIWA could repeatedly proof its extraordinary innovation power and technical expertise. Already in 1968, DAIWA caused a sensation by presenting the world's first "Open-Face" reel – the first fishing reel with spool above the rotor, which enabled a distinctly greater line capacity, an easier replacement as well as revision of the line compared to common capsule reels. Today being the standard within modern reel design, it was a real sensation at that time.

During the years, DAIWA increasingly focused on the development of modern materials and technologies within reel design and thus developed many innovations, which are classified as standard within reel construction today.

Like this e.g. the first composite materials, made of magnesium and carbon fiber, have been developed for the reel body construction – DAIWA produced the first reel with a body of carbon fiber composite material worldwide. Today this material is well-known under the name ZAION and combines the advantages of extreme light weight with great distortion proofness – ideal for an optimal housing of the gear unit.

Only after a short while, in 2007, DAIWA revolutionized reel construction and the protection of inner components by developing the MAGSEALED technology – a technology coming from the aerospace, which nearly completely protects the reel and the ball bearings against the intrusion of water and dirt via a magnetic oil. This technology is another landmark within modern reel design, which is especially superior compared to common rubber sealings during application in salt and brackish waters.

The constant improvement of the technologies, materials and producing techniques lead to continously new innovations and worldwide reputation. This constitutes DAIWA as a real innovational leader within the scene and enables us to supply fishing tackle, which improves facility and delight during fishing.

The 23' Airity – combines nearly all pioneering DAIWA technologies within one product.


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