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Steez Double Clutch | 50SPMinnowbait | suspending

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Within the Japan Steez Programm, the extremely catchy Double Cluch Wobbler now is also available in a smaller, 48mm version, perfectly made for fishing for perch. Due to the special Silent G.O.S system within, great casting distances can be reached despite the light weight. The tungsten balance weight runs via a SaqSas coated axis. A real guarantor for catches, which gains depth quickly (about 1.3m) and can be fished at the spot. Equipped with extremely sharp SaqSas trebles.

  • Category: minnowbait
  • Lure body: one-sectioned
  • Type: Silent Wired Oscillation System (brass)
  • Hooks: 2 SaqSas treble hooks
  • Sinking behaviour: suspending
  • Diving depth: up to ca. 1.3m
  • Presentation techniques: steady retrieve, twitching, stop & go
  • Target fishes: perch, trout, zander
Article No. Color Length Treble Size Weight
mm g
17523-000 IP wakasagi 48 2 2.7
17523-001 IP ayu 48 2 2.7
17523-002 natural ghost shad 48 2 2.7
17523-003 black gold 48 2 2.7
17523-004 special shiner 48 2 2.7
17523-005 shirauo 48 2 2.7

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