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GrandWave Mackerel Rig 360°with feathers | red / yellow
GrandWave Mackerel Rig 360°with feathers | white / red
GrandWave Cod & Pollack Rigwith fishskin | pink
GrandWave Cod & Pollack Rigwith fishskin | white
GrandWave Cod & Pollack Rigglow octopus
GrandWave Cod & Pollack Rigwith feathers | red / white / pink
GrandWave Redfish Rig Circle-Hookwhite
GrandWave Redfish Rig 360°with glowing beads
GrandWave Deadbait Rigsuper-strong | white
GrandWave Wolffish Rig Rattlinwith rattles | light green
GrandWave Leng Anti-Tangle Boom Rigwith glow tube
GrandWave Herring Rigwith fishskin | glow
GrandWave Herring Rigpink-glow
GrandWave Herring Rig Microsuper-fine
Tournament Split RingFlattened split ring
Prorex Stinger PinsMounting needle
Prorex Assist Treble Hook SaqSasTreble Hook
Prorex Swiveled Head AssistStinger hook system
Prorex Head & Tail StingerStinger hook system
Prorex Tail StingerStinger hook system
Prorex Double StingerStinger hook system
Prorex Screw-In ScrewSpiral screw
Prorex Screw-In Weight BalancerScrew lead | for soft lures
Prorex Screw-In Insert Glass RattlePlug-in rattle
Prorex Screw-In Stinger PinMounting needle
Prorex Flexi Jig-System SetComplete assortment
Prorex Flexi Jig-System TG HeadJighead | with 3D eyes
Prorex Flexi Jig-System FN HookSingle hook
Prorex Fluorocarbon Leaderwith swivel and snap
Prorex Double CrimpsCrimping sleeves | double
Prorex Single CrimpsCrimping sleeves | single
Prorex Soft Tail Connector

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