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HMKL Steez Custom | 137SPMinnowbait | suspending

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The Steez Custom has been developed in cooperation with the lure building legend and HMKL founder Mr Kazuma Izumi and unites 3 main elements that make this lure a real catching machine. Usually, this lure developer is exclusively manufacturing handmade wooden plugs in limited editions. The goal at this project was to combine the advantages of a handmade wooden plug with the benefits of a plastic lure body, leading to higher production figures and lower costs. The very slim body together with the Silent design and the extreme casting distances unite exactly these aspects and have led to the huge popularity of this lure in Japan. The front and back treble are connected to the lure via a SaqSas swivel within the lure body and due to their free rotation prevent losses during the fight. For ultimate convenience the interior Weight-Oscillation system has also been coated with SaqSas material. The Maglock Version S tungsten weight in the body silently glides on the SaqSas rail and stabilizes the lure absolutely silent also at strong strokes. The special diving lip is very slim, inconspicuous and light, leading to a very special lure action and better casting distances.

A truely exceptional lure!

  • Category: minnowbait
  • Lure body: one-sectioned
  • Hooks: 3 SaqSas treble hooks
  • Sinking behaviour: suspending
  • Diving depth: up to ca. 2.0m
  • Presentation techniques: steady retrieve, twitching, stop & go
  • Target fishes: perch, trout, asp, zander, pike


  • Lead-free design
Article No. Color Length Treble Size Weight Content
cm g pc.
17510-900 super wakasagi 13.7 4 16.1 1
17510-901 natural ghost shad 13.7 4 16.1 1
17510-902 ghost ayu 13.7 4 16.1 1
17510-903 half mirror wakasagi 13.7 4 16.1 1

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