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General Reel Maintenance FAQ's

This page is intended as a quick guide to the best practices when maintaining your DAIWA reels.

  1. How can I minimise damage to my reel during use?

    Saltwater is your number one enemy, followed closely by sand and dirt. Try your best not to get saltwater or sand onto or into your gear.

    Cradle your outfit in your arm rather than laying it in the sand. Put your gear away while travelling in a boat to avoid exposure to salt spray.

  2. Do I need to maintain my reel after using it?

    Yes, absolutely. Simple maintenance will prolong the life of your reel and ensure that it continues to function with optimum performance.

  3. My Reel is Magsealed. Is it waterproof?

    Absolutely NO!

    Magsealed is a barrier designed to reduce water and dust penetration into the reel through the most common points of entry during normal use.

    Magsealed does not completely waterproof or dust proof your reel!

  4. How often should I wash my reel?

    If you fish in saltwater, it is inevitable you will get small amounts on your gear and what you do from there is quite important. Simply leaving it to sit on your gear can be the start of problems.

    Whether you fish in freshwater or saltwater, DAIWA recommends washing your gear after every outing.

  5. How do I wash my reel?

    The best defence against saltwater is a light spray of freshwater to wash it away.

    Tighten the drag to avoid water contamination of the drag stack.

    Using a garden hose or spray bottle, tighten the nozzle right down until only a fine mist is coming out. Lightly “mist” over the outside of the reel to remove any residual salt. Then spray the rod paying attention to the guides.

    Loosen the drag right back so as not to compress the drag washers.

    Let your gear air dry out of the sun.

  6. What do I do if my reel gets completely “dunked” in water?

    Total immersion in water of any kind, but particularly saltwater, is bad news for a reel.

    DAIWA Germany recommends you have the reel stripped and rebuilt by our service centre.

  7. What do I do if my reel gets completely “dunked” in saltwater?

    If your reel has been immersed in saltwater, follow these steps as quickly as possible:

    Spray the reel with fresh water using a hose.

    Shake out the water.

    Have the reel stripped and rebuilt by our service centre as soon as possible (be sure to advise our service team that the reel has been submerged).

    NB: We recommend that your reel is returned to our service centre immediately. Saltwater could start damaging reel components within days.

  8. Can I send my reel directly to DAIWA Germany Service Centre for repairs?

    Sorry No – all reels for servicing shall be returned via retail. In case of any service/repairs needed, please contact your retailer, and ask to return the reel to our service centre.

  9. How much will a service or repair cost?

    This is difficult to answer without having seen the reel in our service centre. Cost depends on parts to be exchanged and working time. Please contact your local retailer and ask for a quotation through our service centre.

  10. How long will a repair take time?

    This is depending on current number on repairs on hand and part availability. Usually, if all parts are available, it will take around 2–4 weeks.

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