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Steez Popper | 60FPopper | floating | top water

1/8: Article No. 17522-000 Pictures may differ from the original.
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The Steez Popper can easily be brought into action and presented using the walk-the-dog style. Due to the special shape this lure enters the water after the casts with low noise and therefore does not frighten lurking shy fish in the upper water layers. The special plop sound attracts predators also from large distance.

Due to its enormous accomplishments the Steez Popper already is a legend in Japan.

  • Category: popper
  • Lure body: one-sectioned
  • Hooks: 2 SaqSas treble hooks
  • Surface behaviour: floating
  • Diving type: top water
  • Presentation technique: jerkbaiting


  • Lead-free design
Article No. Color Length Treble Size Weight Content
cm g pc.
17522-000 matt gill 6.0 6 7.6 1
17522-001 blue back chart 6.0 6 7.6 1
17522-002 bone 6.0 6 7.6 1
17522-003 SG black gold 6.0 6 7.6 1

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