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Tournament Split RingFlattened split ring
Prorex Screw-In ScrewSpiral screw
Prorex Screw-In Weight BalancerScrew lead | for soft lures
Prorex Screw-In Insert Glass RattlePlug-in rattle
Prorex Flexi Jig-System SetComplete assortment
Prorex Flexi Jig-System TG HeadJighead | with 3D eyes
Prorex Flexi Jig-System FN HookSingle hook
Prorex Double CrimpsCrimping sleeves | double
Prorex Single CrimpsCrimping sleeves | single
Prorex Soft Tail Connector
N'Zon Feeder Bead / Safety SnapFeeder bead swivel with snap
N'Zon SwivelFeeder swivel
N'Zon Feeder StopsRubber stopper
N'Zon Double SwivelFeeder double swivel
N'Zon Swivel / SnapFeeder swivel with snap
N'Zon Double Swivel / SnapFeeder double swivel with snap
N'Zon Quick-Change SwivelFast lock swivel
N'Zon Swivel & Stop BeadMethod stopper bead | with swivel
N'Zon Quick-Change BeadMethod feeder bead
N'Zon Power Gum Feeder LinkShock absorber feeder link
N'Zon Sliding Feeder LinkMonofil feeder link | with sliding beat
N'Zon Loop TyerTying aid for loop knots
N'Zon Power GumShock absorber | 10m spool
N'Zon Heli Feeder RigHelicopter rubber stopper
N'Zon Bayonet PinMetal boilie pins
N'Zon Speed StopsBait stops
N'Zon Silicone Pellet BandPellet fixation

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