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Tournament XL Shiner | 130F-MRTwitchbait | floating | medium deep runner

1/12: Article No. 16710-103 Pictures may differ from the original.
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The Tournament XL Shiner 130F is an exceptional plug for targeting pike and zander.

The 13cm version is ideal to fish mid-water as it dives to about 1.2-2.0m. Simply perfect in the summer when the fish are holding near the surface. Thanks to the patented G.O.S silent weight transfer system, this lure casts like a rocket. Being silent, it is perfect for pressured venues where, more and more, rattles tend to have a counterproductive effect.

Its high buoyancy means that it is perfect to be fished “bottom-bouncing” style, where the lure dives into the bottom and is then left to float back up a bit before diving back down, just deadly. The shape of the XL Shiner’s bill takes twitching to another level.

Of course, this Tournament plug is 100% made in Japan.

  • Category: twitchbait
  • Lure body: one-sectioned
  • Type: Silent G.O.S. Gravity Oscillation System
  • Hooks: 2 Owner treble hooks
  • Surface behaviour: floating
  • Diving type: medium deep runner
  • Retrieve stops: slow rising
  • Diving depth: ca. 1.2-2.0m
  • Waters: silent & current waters
  • Presentation technique: twitching
  • Target fishes: zander, pike
  • Made in Japan
Article No. Color Length Treble Size Weight Content
cm g pc.
16710-101 chart back pearl 13.0 2 22.5 1
16710-102 matt ayu 13.0 2 22.5 1
16710-103 lime chart 13.0 2 22.5 1
16710-104 see through shad 13.0 2 22.5 1
16710-105 pearl ghost perch 13.0 2 22.5 1
16710-106 firetiger 13.0 2 22.5 1
16710-107 kibinago 13.0 2 22.5 1
16710-108 lazer red 13.0 2 22.5 1

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