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Tournament Mega Scouter | 1064FGPlug | floating | deep runner

1/11: Article No. 16710-007 Pictures may differ from the original.
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The 68mm Mega Scouter is a very active floating lure with big diving lip, which gains depth very fast, due to its short, bustling movements.

The rattles emit strong vibrations and frequencies you can feel during the retrieve up to the rod during retrieving. Usually the sound even activates lethargic predators and enhances the bite's frequency.

The inside weight system is perfectly balanced to let the main tungsten weight role to the front during a short and strong push of the rod to enable an even steeper diving angle in order to reach depth faster.

  • Category: plug
  • Lure body: one-sectioned
  • Type: with rattles
  • Hooks: 2 SaqSas treble hooks
  • Surface behaviour: floating
  • Diving type: deep runner
  • Diving depth: ca. 3.5-5.0m, trolled more than 5.0m
  • Waters: silent waters
  • Target fishes: perch, zander, pike
  • Made in Japan
Article No. Color Length Treble Size Weight Content
cm g pc.
16710-001 chart back pearl 6.8 4 14.0 1
16710-002 matt ayu 6.8 4 14.0 1
16710-003 lime chart 6.8 4 14.0 1
16710-004 see through shad 6.8 4 14.0 1
16710-005 pearl ghost perch 6.8 4 14.0 1
16710-006 firetiger 6.8 4 14.0 1
16710-007 kibinago 6.8 4 14.0 1
16710-008 lazer red 6.8 4 14.0 1

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