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Prorex V-Marley Pelagic ShadShad

1/8: Article No. 15227-001 Pictures may differ from the original.
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This new and very catchy pelagic and vertical lure combines the advantages of a V-tail with fringes, which dance even under slow currents. The special, ultra-thin pelvic fin even finely pulsates during retrieving stops and provokes attacks.

The thin profile offers little resilience during the bite and thus can easily been inhaled by zander & Co. The realistic, lead-free head with a weight of 40g supports the strong profile, produces slight wave motions during retrieving and can be screwed to the lure. With extra strong and sharp SaqSas Assist hook at the back.

The lure is delivered ready-to-fish and can be used immediatelly. Phthalat-free rubber.

Available in 8 colors. Length: 21cm.


  • Lead-free design
Article No. Color Length Treble Size Weight Content
cm g pc.
15227-001 firetiger 21.0 1/0 80.0 1
15227-002 ayu 21.0 1/0 80.0 1
15227-003 wakasagi 21.0 1/0 80.0 1
15227-004 golden shiner 21.0 1/0 80.0 1
15227-005 real mud roach 21.0 1/0 80.0 1
15227-006 natural UV perch 21.0 1/0 80.0 1
15227-007 game changer 21.0 1/0 80.0 1
15227-008 white ghost 21.0 1/0 80.0 1

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