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Prorex Swivel | Swivel Pictures may differ from the original.
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The Prorex swivels with snaps are made out of extra thick and strong „Stainless Steel“ and feature an extraordinarily high linear strength. These snaps don’t bend up even under highest strains and offer optimal safety.

Due to the dull black surface, reflections and thus frightening of fish under water is reduced.

  • Made of extra thick and strong stainless steel
  • Extraordinarily high linear strength
  • Dull black surface reduces reflections under water
Article No. Color Swivel Size Strength Content
kg pc.
15408-100 matt black 16/8 9.0 10
15408-101 matt black 12/6 18.0 10
15408-102 matt black 6/2 24.0 10
15408-104 matt black 4/2 32.0 10

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