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Presso DeazaSpecial spoon

1/5: Article No. 15445-114 Pictures may differ from the original.
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Extremely catchy, very active lure. Due to the 3 different eyelets, you can easily change the action. The lure is designed asymmetrically and thus offers a diverse, wobbling action even under steady retrieving. Ideal for fishing in deeper waters. Let it bounce at the bottom and jig it up again – like this the lure will seduce especially larger specimen.

  • Hooks: 2 single hooks, semi barb
  • Waters: silent & current waters
  • Target fish: trout
Article No. Color Length Weight Content
cm g pc.
15445-108 silver 3.1 2.5 1
15445-112 dark green 3.1 2.5 1
15445-114 gold 3.1 2.5 1
15445-121 latte green glow 3.1 2.5 1
15445-133 pearl olive/pearl ivory 3.1 2.5 1

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