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N'Zon Weight Change Feeders

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Hybrid-style feeder – available in 3 sizes and many different weights. Due to the special, additionally available weight kit, the weight can be increased without the need for building a new rig.The special construction and shape ensure an optimal retaining of the feed during the cast and during sinking down. Due to the inline construction ECS (Easy Change System), these feeders can be changed quickly without new rigging. With camouflage soft-touch surface. Lead-free construction.


N'Zon Weight Change FeederOpen feeder

Article No. Lead Size Weight Content
g pc.
13345-720 S 20.0 1
13345-730 S 30.0 1
13345-825 M 25.0 1
13345-835 M 35.0 1
13345-845 M 45.0 1
13345-935 L 35.0 1
13345-950 L 50.0 1
13345-965 L 65.0 1

N'Zon Weight Change

Article No. Lead Size Weights Content Set
g pc.
13345-995 S 5.0+10.0 1+1

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