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N'Zon Method Feeder


N'Zon Method FeederSpecial feeder

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Premium method feeders available in three sizes with Easy-Grip camo surface.

These common and easily fillable method feeders have been developed together with our consultants from the UK. With aerodynamical Weight-Forward design for optimal and accurate casts. The centerline can conveniently be replaced via the exchange system, therefore eliminating the need of renewing the whole rig.

These feeders are made of lead-free material.

Article No. Feeder Size Weight Content
g pc.
13345-020 S 20.0 1
13345-030 S 30.0 1
13345-125 M 25.0 1
13345-135 M 35.0 1
13345-145 M 45.0 1
13345-235 L 35.0 1
13345-250 L 50.0 1
13345-265 L 65.0 1

N'Zon Method MouldSilicone mould for N'Zon Method Feeder

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The matching silicone molds for the DAIWA method feeders. With extra-soft backpart for easy removal of the filled method feeder.

Available in 3 sizes: S ,M, L

Article No. Feeder Size Size Content
13345-000 S for Method Feeders sz. s 1
13345-100 M for Method Feeders sz. M 1
13345-200 L for Method Feeders sz. L 1

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