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Environmental Initiatives "BE EARTH-FRIENDLY"

GLOBERIDE, as a lifetime sports company, we sincerely engage in environmental conservation activities and have established "BE EARTH-FRIENDLY" as our code of conduct, with the aim of contributing to people around the world who love nature and sports.

As part of that, Since long years Daiwa has continued to clean up trashes at fishing sites and environments with peoples as part of our ThinkClean activities.

In October 2009, this "Think Clean" activity was renamed and streamlined by "BE EARTH-FRIENDLY" and we do not only clean up fishing environments, but also support the activities of the Daiwa Young Fishing Club (Daiwa Young Fishermen's Club) in Japan.

In addition to cleaning up fishing grounds, the company has also been involved in activities to convey the importance of the natural environment to children through schools such as the Daiwa Young Fishing Club (DYFC) and the development of environmentally friendly products.

We have also developed a wide range of environmental activities, including the development of environmentally friendly products.

Why don't we start with the basics, such as not producing your own garbage and picking up any garbage you notice?


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