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21 Zillion SV TW PL / XHLBaitcasting reel

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Outstanding baitcasting reel from the DAIWA Japan range with SV Boost drag system for optimized casts and Hyper Drive Design concept.

The 21' Zillion SV TW is available in two different versions – the PL model is designed for somewhat larger and heavier lures, which can be retrieved highly conveniently thanks to the low gear ratio. Perfect for applying crankbaits, fishing in greater depths or for sea fishing.

By combining the new Hyper Drive Design concept with the new SV Boost drag concept DAIWA offers a lightweight but nevertheless ultimately tough baitcasting reel, that has been preadjusted in its settings to provide optimal results with a range of lure weights.

The Hyper Drive Design concept stands for a combination of diverse features that optimize the lifespan and handling of the reel.

The SV Boost drag concept optimizes the casting distances while reducing the threat of backlashes at the same time and contains the following features:

  • The extremely lightweight G1 Duralumin spool instantly starts without high starting resistance.
  • The Zero Adjuster of the mechanic drag is preset in a way that leads to optimal casting distances. (It is recommended not to change this setting)
  • The Zero Shaft is made of an extremely short spool axis that causes low friction and thus is perfect for smaller lures.
  • The TWS system reduces line friction during the cast.
  • For finetuning the magnetic drag is adjusted according to the used lure weight. This leads to reduced backlashes and an optimized casting performance. In comparison to the SV concept the magnetic drag comes into play during the final phase of the cast.
  • With drag clicker.
  • HYPER DRIVE Design
  • HARDBODYZ® aluminum reel body
  • 8 ball bearings (incl. 4 CRBB®)
  • SV Boost drag concept
  • UTD® drag system
  • Star drag with click-system
  • T-Wing System (TWS™)
  • G1 duralumin SV spool
  • Soft-touch handle knob
  • Left hand version
  • Made in Japan
Article No. Size BB Capacity Ratio Retrieval Drag Weight RRP*
CRBB total m/mm cm kg g
10016-100 1000PL 4 8 80/0.36 5.5:1 59 5.0 175 425.00 €
10016-105 1000XHL 4 8 80/0.36 8.5:1 90 5.0 175 425.00 €

* Recommended retail price in €

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