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Prorex Screw-In System

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With the Prorex Screw-In System you can rig your soft lures in the way, which is perfectly fitting for fishing in flat waters.

First fix the screw at the head of the soft lure and then mount a double treble system at the screw via a split ring. The trebles can be stucked into the belly of the soft lure.

Like this you get a system which can be presented slowly right beyond the surface. Ideal after the spawning season, when the pikes remain in shallow water areas!

To change the sinking behaviour, different Prorex Screw-In Weight Balancer weights can be screwed into the belly of the soft lure.


Prorex Screw-In Stinger PinMounting needle

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Stinger pins for rigging steel wires or stingers at the shad. The small barb cares for a secure hold at the shad.

Perfect for shads up to 40cm.

Article No. Size Recommended Lure Length Content
cm pc.
15411-015 M up to 40 10

Prorex Screw-In ScrewSpiral screw

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The Screw-In Spiral, which (2 sizes available) is the basis for the Screw-In system.

Spiral M / 3cm: Suitable for plastic lures of 15-22cm
Spiral L / 5cm: Suitable for plastic lures of 23-30cm

Article No. Size Recommended Lure Length Content
cm cm pc.
15411-000 M 3.0 15-22 8
15411-005 L 5.0 23-30 8

Prorex Screw-In Weight BalancerScrew lead | for soft lures

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The Prorex Screw-In Weight Balancer lead can simply be screwed into the belly/head of a soft lure. Depending on position and weight the lure changes its balance and diving depth.

Ideal in combination with the Prorex Screw-In system.

Article No. Weight Content
g pc.
15411-104 4.0 4
15411-106 6.0 4
15411-108 8.0 3
15411-110 10.0 3
15411-112 12.0 3

Prorex Screw-In Insert Glass RattlePlug-in rattle

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These rattles can be fixed to the soft lure at any position.

The small steel balls in the glass shell produce a slight clattering noise and thus can provoke the bite reflex in certain situations.

Article No. Size Content
mm pc.
15411-203 S 3 6
15411-205 M 5 6
15411-207 L 7 5

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