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Prorex Mini Popper | 55FPopper | floating | top water

1/11: Article No. 15208-005 Pictures may differ from the original.
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The small Mini-Popper 55F within the DAIWA Prorex range is especially suited for ultra-light fishing for perch, asp and trout.

This small, floating popper especially demonstrates its advantages during the summer season, when predators chase small prey fish up to the surface.

Due to the extra big mouthcup, you can easily produce the typical popp&splash noise at the surface and entice predators even over great distances due to the strong blasts. The Prorex Mini Popper possesses a very low center of gravity, which, in combination with the spring at the back treble, prevents the popper from bouncing out of the water.

This popper even can be fished right below the surface as “Sub Surface” model with the walk-the-dog technique with slow, steady retrieving - like this you can fish this exceptional lure with two different techniques.

  • Category: popper
  • Lure body: one-sectioned
  • Hooks: 2 treble hooks
  • Surface behaviour: floating
  • Diving type: top water
  • Waters: silent & current waters
  • Presentation techniques: twitching, jerkbaiting
  • Speed: slow and fast
  • Target fishes: perch, trout, asp
Article No. Color Length Weight Content
cm g pc.
15208-000 firetiger 5.5 5.7 1
15208-001 gold perch 5.5 5.7 1
15208-002 ayu 5.5 5.7 1
15208-003 setsuki ayu 5.5 5.7 1
15208-004 live minnow 5.5 5.7 1
15208-005 live western vairone 5.5 5.7 1
15208-006 live perch 5.5 5.7 1
15208-008 live orange bleak 5.5 5.7 1
15208-009 live brown trout 5.5 5.7 1

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