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Prorex Live Trout DuckFin Swimbait | 180mmShad | Ready to fish

1/8: Article No. 15430-518 Pictures may differ from the original.
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The goal at the design of this lure was to imitate nature as perfect and as realistic as possible. At the very first sight you will appreciate, how deceptively realistic this lure looks like. Due to the usage of a 3D printing procedure, during which the cover of a real trout is printed upon the body, this extremely realistic color is attainable.

The Prorex Live Trout Swimbait is thus an ideal lure for big pikes, which have specialized on hunting this prey in lakes and rivers with many trouts. The Live Trout is perfectly suitable for slow and fast lure action and delivers light flanking movements – similar to a real trout. While this, the original Duckfin tail is turning and produces strong blasts under water. Depending on the speed additionally the fins at the breast and the back start vibrating and pulsating and thus supply further attraction. The Live Trout has been constructed with 2 different eyelets to enable different depths and actions – using the head eyelet enables a deep presentation with more action – when rigged via the eyelet at the mouth this lure runs somewhat shallower.

The Prorex Live Trout Swimbait is delivered completely rigged and is thus ready-to-fish. The treble at the back is directly mounted to a stiff 60lbs steel wire to reduce the danger of interfering with the split ring during hard strains, which could cause losses of big fish.

  • Hooks: 2 treble hooks
  • Sinking behaviour: sinking
  • Waters: silent & current waters
  • Presentation techniques: spinning, trolling
  • Speed: slow and fast
  • Target fishes: pike, catfish
Article No. Color Length Weight Content
cm g pc.
15430-018 live rainbow trout 18.0 90.0 1
15430-118 live brown trout 18.0 90.0 1
15430-218 live gold trout 18.0 90.0 1
15430-318 live char 18.0 90.0 1
15430-418 firetiger 18.0 90.0 1
15430-518 live ayu 18.0 90.0 1

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