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Prorex Flexi Jig-System

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Extraordinarily successful system especially designed for ultra-light fishing for perch, zander and chub.


Prorex Flexi Jig-System SetComplete assortment

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The Prorex Flexi Jig-System set contains all components to immediately start with a flexi jig system at UL-fishing.

Three fitting original DAIWA soft lures, four hooks and two tungsten jigheads.

  • Set comprises three fitting DAIWA softplastics, 4 hooks and 2 tungsten heads
Article No. Content Set
15412-000 3+4+2

Prorex Flexi Jig-System TG HeadJighead | with 3D eyes

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The Prorex TG Flexi Jig Heads are made of pure tungsten and thus feature a markedly higher density than jigheads made of lead. Thus, you can fish more subtle and lighter than with conventional jigheads, because there is less resistance from air and current. The threat of hang ups is reduced, while the sensitivity is considerably increased.

Due to the flexible attachment of the hook at the tungsten jighead, this lure features an incomparable tilting action when it reaches the ground, which is especially tempting for zander and perch. Depending on the weight and hook size the tungsten heads are suited for very small softplastic lures of 3-10cm length. The 3D eyes provide an additional attraction under water.

The small heads are also perfectly applicable for fishing in trout ponds!

Article No. Color Weight Content
g pc.
15412-204 fluo orange 4.0 5
15412-205 fluo orange 5.0 4
15412-206 fluo orange 6.0 3
15412-207 fluo orange 7.0 3
15412-208 fluo orange 8.0 3
15412-209 fluo orange 9.0 2
Article No. Color Weight Content
g pc.
15412-304 fluo-pink 4.0 5
15412-305 fluo-pink 5.0 4
15412-306 fluo-pink 6.0 3
15412-307 fluo-pink 7.0 3
15412-308 fluo-pink 8.0 3
15412-309 fluo-pink 9.0 2
Article No. Color Weight Content
g pc.
15412-104 copper 4.0 5
15412-105 copper 5.0 4
15412-106 copper 6.0 3
15412-107 copper 7.0 3
15412-108 copper 8.0 3
15412-109 copper 9.0 2

Prorex Flexi Jig-System FN HookSingle hook

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These fine high-quality hooks with chemically sharpened hook tip are the fitting hooks for the Prorex Flexi Jig-System TG heads.

The extra-large eyelet offers much space to allow a free action of the lure at the tungsten head. Thanks to the large eyelet this hooks can also easily be applied at split rings, e.g. when the use of single hooks at spinners is required etc.

Article No. Color Hook Size Content
15412-001 black 1 6
15412-002 black 2 6
15412-004 black 4 6
15412-006 black 6 6

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