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Prorex Flat Minnow | 50SSMinnowbait | slow sinking

1/8: Article No. 15216-000 Pictures may differ from the original.
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The Flat Minnow 50SS (slow sinking) is a really exceptional lure for fishing for perch, trout and asp. It is especially perfect for fishing in different depths and water layers – an ideal lure for the whole season!

The slowly sinking lure is strongly flanking laterally at retrieving stops and is sinking horizontally with waggling movements – this sinking phase is especially successful. Due to the special construction, this lure is perfectly suited for slow and fast retrieving as well as fishing in the current.

The lure’s body and the inner balance weight enable extremely long casts.

  • Category: minnowbait
  • Lure body: one-sectioned
  • Sinking behaviour: slow sinking
  • Waters: silent & current waters
  • Presentation techniques: steady retrieve, twitching, stop & go
  • Target fishes: perch, trout, asp
Article No. Color Length Weight Content
cm g pc.
15216-000 firetiger 5.0 4.8 1
15216-001 gold perch 5.0 4.8 1
15216-002 ayu 5.0 4.8 1
15216-003 setsuki ayu 5.0 4.8 1
15216-004 live minnow 5.0 4.8 1
15216-006 live perch 5.0 4.8 1
15216-008 live orange bleak 5.0 4.8 1
15216-009 live brown trout 5.0 4.8 1

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