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D-Frog | 60mmSoft lure | Ready to fish

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During summertime, frogs represent an easy to catch prey for pike, catfish and asp.

The D-Frog can easily be fished at the surface, where it features a perfect “Dog-Walk” action when twitched with short strikes.

The special inner-tunnel-construction prevents the penetration of water into the main chamber through the hook. The strong double hook is integrated into the body, to enable a problem-free presentation of the lure among weedy areas without getting stuck in weed all the time.

  • Hook: Double hook
  • Diving type: top water
  • Waters: silent waters
  • Presentation technique: Walk-the-Dog
  • Target fishes: pike, asp, catfish
Article No. Color Length Weight Content
cm g pc.
15605-006 brown 6.0 17.0 1
15605-106 green-t 6.0 17.0 1
15605-206 yellow toad 6.0 17.0 1

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